Warming wines for cold winter nights at SPAR

After the long hot summer of white and rosé wines, the days are now getting shorter and consumers begin to relish a glass of red wine.

SPAR has some luscious wines to recommend to customers for Halloween parties, Bonfire Night get-togethers and Big Nights In.

Every bottle in their ‘Regional Selection’ range comes from iconic and famous countries known for their wines and each incorporates a design which denotes the range name and the specific region for the wine allowing SPAR to build recognition with customers.

Amrit Rebello, SPAR’s Senior Brand Manager said: “We are delighted that all of the wines in our ‘Regional selection’ range are now available in SPAR stores. We are really proud of this range as it appeals to all wine enthusiasts and provides them with a credible trade up to SPAR’s best tier.

“Sales for wines between £6-£9.99 are growing in the convenience channel year on year and we know we’ve an award winning range that is already attractive to consumers looking to spend up to £20 a week on something to accompany Tonight’s Tea.”

SPAR’s Regional Selection range comprises 10 whites, 14 reds and one rosé from seven countries that are all famous for their wines.

An overhaul of the way SPAR brings its wine range to customers has resulted in the completion of its three-tier system.

Rebello commented: “We looked at making sure we were meeting the different customer missions at all price points and we had exactly what our customers want.


“By developing this good, better, best principle; we’re acknowledging that not all our customers are equal. They have distinctive needs, seek out different wines and respond to different price points.


“Regional Selections is an example of how we can offer knowledgeable wine consumers quality skus from the best regions,” she added.

There are 61 varieties in total with five wines falling into good, 22 into better and 25 into best in addition to nine sparkling wines featuring throughout.

Author: kimbarnard

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