Survey suggests new technologies are helping Brits keep their resolutions alive

Switching from smoking to vaping (9 percent) has made it into a list of the nation’s ‘modern’ New Year’s resolutions for 2019, alongside spending less time on social media (24 percent) and hitting 10,000 steps on a fitness tracker every day (11 percent).


Illustrating how tech solutions can change our lives, 89 percent of people surveyed said they believed new tech – including fitness trackers and vape pens – could help improve their quality of life. 


Vaping has grown to become a major trend in the UK and with 40% of UK smokers having never tried vaping[1],  these new findings reinforce the opportunity available for retailers to make the most of this category at this important time of year and help customers make the switch to something better.


A spokesperson for blu, who commissioned the study, said: “It’s fascinating to see how New Year’s resolutions – almost as much of a tradition as Christmas itself – are evolving in line with modern, ‘digital’ society.

“New technologies are definitely helping people not only commit to their resolutions, but also helping to see them through. Just like a fitness tracker or diet app, vaping is also a great way to help smokers make the switch to something better in 2019.”


Unlike online and vape stores, traditional retailers usually offer both tobacco and vaping products for sale,.  This, combined with their unique relationship with their loyal shoppers who trust their advice on which products to buy, means that independent retailers have a strong competitive position in helping their adult smokers switch to something better in 2019.



DEVICES – Stock at least one open system and one closed system from a leading brand like blu, but also consider stocking new product offerings like myblu and blu ACE to tap into the latest category trends.


FLAVOUR – Make sure your range is supported with a strong portfolio of e-liquids, especially popular fruity flavours, in a variety of nicotine strengths including nicsalts like myblu Intense, to cater for all needs and tastes.


BE KNOWLEDGEABLE – Take time to read up on the category to understand the different product types, how they work plus the terminology. This way, you can best advise your customers on what vaping products are right for them. Don’t forget about your staff either, especially if one of them is a vaper. Consider empowering an in-store ‘vaping champion’; they could prove to be a valuable asset in helping to build both customer trust and loyalty. If you haven’t yet encountered one of our retailer guides, get in touch with your blu rep to request one and secure it behind the counter or in your stock room so all your staff can see it and upskill on the category. Try quizzing them on what they’ve learnt to make it stick.


DON’T FORGET ABOUT CLEAROMISERS Ideally, they should be changed after every two bottles of e-liquids, or every time a flavour or brand is switched, to provide the optimum vaping experience. They can also be a great way to upsell and drive additional sales and margin.


AVAILABILITY – If a product isn’t available, your customers may go elsewhere and not return, so ensure you’re fully stocked at all times. Regularly check stock levels to make sure you don’t run out and be prepared for seasonal vape spikes around Stoptober, New Year and VApril.


BE VISIBLE Remember, you can display, advertise and promote vaping products in store. Countertop units, impactful backwall displays and point of sale materials located in and around the store can be a great way to drive visibility. blu has a great range of POS to help drive sales in-store; we’re always delighted to work with retailers to optimise the way they communicate their vape offerings.


To find out more about stocking blu products, retailers should speak to their sales rep, email or phone on 0800 0149 335. Alternatively, retailers can visit for more information.  

[1] Public Health England 

Author: kimbarnard

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