UK illegal tobacco market media highlights – February 2018



A retailer in Neath has been given a suspended sentence and ordered to undertake 150 hours of unpaid work due to their involvement in the sale of illegal tobacco. Test purchases in September and October 2015 led to the seizure of nearly 30,000 cigarettes and over 25kg of rolling tobacco from Easy Shop in Queen Street.

 Reported on Wales Online (15 February 2018)


An employee of Lynn Express Store in King’s Lynn has been ordered to pay costs of over £1,200 after pleading guilty to two cases of illegal tobacco possession. 10,000 illicit cigarettes and 1.25kg of tobacco were found in January 2017.


Reported on Lynn News (17 February 2018)



The owner of European Food Express in Dudley has been ordered to undertake 150 hours of unpaid work and pay costs of over £1,500 after nearly 1,800 packets of illicit tobacco and cigarettes were found at the store. The duty evaded was estimated to be worth more than £10,000.


Reported on Express and Star (16 February 2018)



A Glasgow-based butcher has been fined £4,000 after selling tobacco from his shop Meat Market. 2,000 illicit cigarettes and 20 pouches of rolling tobacco were found at the butcher in the summer of 2016.


Reported on Scottish Sun (5 February 2018)



The manager of Nasza Biedronka in Spalding was fined over £2,500 in January following the seizure of 3,600 illegal cigarettes. The previous owners of the store were stripped of their license in January 2016 for similar offences.


Reported on Spalding Today

(13 February 2018)









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