UK illegal tobacco market media highlights: August 2017

Derby Telegraph - 01.08


The owner of an unnamed shop in Normanton has been handed a suspended prison sentence and fined £10,000 after 458,360 illicit cigarettes and 2kg of hand-rolling tobacco were seized from various properties. The overall value of the seized tobacco was £120,000.

Reported on Derby Telegraph

(1 August 2017)

 Eastern European Foods - 11.08

A Newport shopkeeper has been ordered to pay £255,000 through the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) for the sale and handling of more than £427,000 worth of illegal tobacco. The owner of Eastern European Foods on Commercial Road was sentenced to three years in prison in January 2017.

Reported on South Wales Argus

(11 August 2017)


 Moris Eastern European Mini Market - 25.08

The owner of Kubus East European Market in King’s Lynn has been given a suspended jail sentence and ordered to undertake 300 hours of unpaid work for his role in the sale of illegal tobacco. The illicit goods were seized during repeated raids on the store in September 2016, November 2016, and January 2017.

Reported on Eastern Daily Press (19 August 2017)

 Kubus - 19.08


A Derby-based store-owner is awaiting sentence after he admitted to selling illegal tobacco and cigarettes from the Moris Eastern European Mini Market in Coventry. 16,240 cigarettes and over 3kg of rolling tobacco were found during raids in October and November of 2016.

Reported on Derby Telegraph

(25 August 2017)


 Megasaver - 30.08

A store-owner has been given a suspended sentence and ordered to pay £649 in surcharges and costs after selling illegal tobacco from Megasaver in Preston. A repeat offender, the retailer faced similar proceedings in June 2013, April 2014, January 2015, and January 2016.

Reported on Lancashire Evening Post(30 August 2017)


Author: kimbarnard

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