There are not 46,000 buyers in the forecourt and c-store sector




It’s incredible that some suppliers still refer to this market as the “independent sector” when in reality it’s now far from independent and the future looks even less likely to warrant this classification.


No supplier should have an independent strategy for sales, trade marketing or communication instead they need a targeted approach in recognition of the massive shift in decision making and the diminishing pool of truly independent retailers.

Some fundamental changes have taken place:

  • National account managers and sales teams working in the forecourt and convenience market know that the actual number of purchasing points is in rapid decline. Buying power is falling into fewer hands.
  • This is because of the growth of multiple retailers and
  • the grocery giant’s investment in the supply chain and retail symbols. Tesco, Morrison’s and the Co-op are replacing what we all used to call wholesalers.
  • Retail “cooperation’s and alliances are also on the increase, bringing with them more central control.
  • In the forecourt sector 75% of direct to store communication is a complete waste of time and money as the decision for range and supply isn’t made at store level anymore.
  • In the wider convenience market its already around 50% waste
  • Shop managers, supervisors or store assistants , commission operators or franchisees are implementers they don’t select the product range or service, these decisions are now made by central buyers
  • Failure to recognise and respond to these changes will mean wasted investment in trade communication & sales resource.

Strategies need to change to face these undeniable facts as we can expect more dramatic changes in 2020.

Finding and engaging with buyers and decision makers has never been more vital!  It will require a fresh approach and most certainly a restructure of suppliers sales teams, shopper marketing and trade communication.

If you would like more detail on the structure of the forecourt & convenience store market just email or telephone Kim Barnard on 07768 465569 or 01604 660698 to discuss the market changes.

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