The Corona virus opportunity

It’s a time of global crisis but it’s also delivering the opportunity to reflect!

With meetings cancelled, a massive increase in home working and a potential lock down coming it releases more “thinking” time.

When did you ever have this much time to review what you do and why you do it?

Whilst there appears no shortage of people “dishing out” advice, this dreadful situation will pass and its companies who have the right strategy that will grow out of this crisis.


It may feel like starting over but it’s a real opportunity for some fresh thinking and to break the habits of the past that don’t fit the future.

Make sure there are no “sacred cows” and rid your business of the unnecessary costs that just don’t deliver in this changing market. 

It was already changing before this virus.


So now is the time to:  

  • Confirm how you need communicate with and supply your customer.
  • Identify which route to market works more efficiently for your product or service?
  • Review your trade communication strategy to link your marketing with your sales effort to maximise profits
  • Cut out the waste so you build a war chest that enables you come bouncing back with a new approach!

Where do need to be when all this is over?

  • Better,
  • Stronger,
  • More agile and
  • Satisfying your customers’ needs like no one else!

It may well be a rough 12 months, I am on lock down for at least 3 months of it but remain excited about the opportunities that some fresh thinking can deliver:


Best wishes



Author: kimbarnard

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