Supermalt adds new ‘sleek’ can to the family

As one of the most iconic malt based, non-alcoholic beverages on the market, Supermalt commands a loyal following, particularly amongst the Afro-Caribbean society. The instantly recognisable branding and logo have changed little over the years and the recipe retains its original ingredients, but now, Supermalt is available in an all-new, premium ‘sleek can.’

 Supermalt - 330ml Sleek Can - Mid

Offering a sophisticated, convenient and modern packaging size, the new 330ml sleek can retains the vibrant red packaging and identifiable trademark, intended to assist retailers in tapping into the ever growing and highly lucrative premium, non-alcoholic beverage market. Designed to complement the existing range of bottles and cans in the Supermalt range, including the 500ml can and the classic 330ml bottle, the new sleek is the optimal size for generating an impulse purchase, consumed by consumers on the go.


Packed with added B Vitamins, Supermalt is loved for its sweet malt flavour with hints of caramel and a kick of liquorice. Originally created in Denmark in the 1960’s as a food supplement, thanks to its caffeine free, high mineral and nutrient containing recipe, Supermalt has become somewhat of an urban classic as well as being a highly influential product in retail beverage sector.


Neil Lunn, UK Trade Marketing Manager at Supermalt comments: “We’re delighted to be introducing Supermalt in a new sleek can variety for the trade. Responding to the needs of our customers, who for many, variety is key, the 330ml sleek can delivers the same great taste and iconic branding of Supermalt, their favourite malt based, non-alcoholic beverage, but in contemporary new packaging.


With a growing demand for premium canned drinks in a retail environment, the new Supermalt sleek can is able to bring diversity and eye-catching design to the already highly competitive drinks chillers, found in many shops.”


The new sleek cans are available to retailers in packs of 24x330ml. For added impact around the introduction of the new sleek can, operators can order a complete range of point of sale, including branded fridges, signs, stickers and posters to enhance the potential of their new range.

 Supermalt - 330ml Sleek Can 2- Mid

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