Demand for meat free products is set to soar next month (June), as UK meat eaters are being urged to make at least one meal meat free as part of World Meat Free Week, for the health of our logo

Now in its fourth year, World Meat Free Week is a registered charity gaining traction globally with organisations such as Greenpeace, and Eating Better Alliance supporting it. Retailers are also likely to drive awareness of the event with strong instore promotional activity.

The week encourages people around the globe to reduce their meat consumption and this year runs from June 11th to June 17th.

It comes as more people than ever in the UK are looking to reduce their meat intake, which in turn will lower greenhouse gas emissions, land and water use, for a healthier planet.

World Meat Free Week will highlight that meat production is currently responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than all emissions from global transport combined*1, with the livestock sector currently using 30% of the earth’s entire land surface*2.

 To inspire a global change in attitudes towards meat consumption, World Meat Free Week is also promoting the Protectors of the Planet film series, highlighting stories from around the world about people who have decided to reduce their meat intake.

Examples include a USA rancher’s wife who set up and runs a vegan ranch in Texas, to a body builder with a plant-based diet, sharing the moments that made them think about the impact of meat production on the environment and how they now follow a meat reduced diet.

Retailers and their customers can get involved in this year’s Meat Free Week by pledging support at


*1 Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector

* 2 Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

About World Meat Free Week:

World Meat Free Week is a registered charity that aims to encourage people around the globe to reduce their meat consumption. Now in its fourth year, the global initiative will build on the success of last year’s World Meat Free Day which saw a reach of 200 million people globally with support from Greenpeace Worldwide, Quorn Foods, Chris Darwin, John Bishop and Joanna Lumley. World Meat Free Week will call on everyone to swap to one or more meat-free meals between 11th – 17th June 2018.

Author: kimbarnard

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