Halloween and bonfire night spark an opportunity for convenience retailers to ignite extra sales in the UK’s £23 million*1 matches market, according to Gavin Anderson, General Sales Manager at Republic Technologies (UK) Limited.Halloween image - emailable

“Demand for matches rises significantly at this time of year as families and communities celebrate major events such as Halloween, bonfire night and Diwali. Matches are used extensively across these occasions and this presents a real opportunity for sales uplift,” he says.

In addition to the thousands of bonfires up and down the country, the UK is embracing Halloween like never before.

“With reports estimating that approximately £25 million was spent on Halloween pumpkins alone last year, and the vast majority of them being hollowed out, with candles placed inside for extra effect, matches really do come into their own as a key household accessory at this time of year,” adds Anderson.

“The appeal of Halloween also spans the age spectrum with half the nation reportedly taking part, with spend increasing year-on-year on a hugely popular celebration that has become one of the UK’s most significant seasonal sales generators.”

Consumer awareness and demand for Republic Technologies’ matches has been heightened recently thanks to a major relaunch of its Swan, Bryant & May, Cooks and Ship products.

In addition to modernising core brands to appeal to a broader, younger audience, the move marks a focus on sustainability and the increased demand for eco-friendly matches, following the removal of Strike Anywhere match formats from the range.

“The relaunch of our matches range has enabled retailers to boost profits by aligning specific match brands to usage occasions and they don’t come much bigger than Halloween and bonfire night,” adds Anderson.


“We’re confident that convenience retailers who take matches out of the gantry or dual site them will be very well placed to benefit from the increased seasonal demand at this key time of year.”


*1 Republic Technologies estimate based on import figures

Author: kimbarnard

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