Lamb & Watt, one of the top purveyors of premium tonics in the UK, has launched a new Naturally Light version for health-conscious consumers.Lamb & Watt Naturally Light

With fewer calories[1] than other leading light tonics, Lamb & Watt’s Naturally Light Tonic Water caters to both discerning and calorie conscious drinkers in the on and off trade. The new tonic pairs beautifully with a variety of spirits, and is also a highly enjoyable non-alcoholic soft drink.

 Available in 200ml bottles from £3.99 for a four-pack, and £1.25 as a single, Lamb & Watt’s Naturally Light will also be offered in a 500ml format in the near future.

 Lamb & Watt Naturally Light is the first in a line of new products from the successful tonic brand. The range, which already includes Original, Cucumber, Basil and Hibiscus variants, will also benefit from the launch of a Ginger Ale in the next few months, to further compliment the premium portfolio.

 Founded in 1847, both Mr. Lamb and Mr. Watt were devoted to producing the finest tonics, distillates, cordials and syrups of their day, sourcing only the best quality ingredients to enhance the taste and enjoyment of their favourite drinks.

 Today, Lamb & Watt is free from artificial flavours, preservatives and sweeteners. It’s made with natural ingredients, including mineral water from the Lake District, quinine from the Cinchona Tree, and organic Blue Agave syrup for sweetness, delivering a distinctive, refreshing tonic you can enjoy on its own, or as a mixer.

 Leanne Ware, Senior Marketing Manager at Lamb & Watt, said: “Lamb & Watt has performed fantastically well as the premium mixer market has grown. It has become a tonic of choice in both the on and off trade, particularly alongside the gin renaissance.


“Naturally Light ensures that even health conscious consumers can enjoy the premium taste and ingredients”, added Leanne. “The impending launch of our Ginger Ale will see Lamb & Watt become a go to choice when pairing with dark spirits. Our portfolio is in a strong place and our choice of botanicals is certainly enhancing the enjoyment of drinking both traditional mixed drinks and cocktails.”


[1] Lamb & Watt Naturally Light has 13 calories per 100ml

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