– Wheat Crunchies and McCoy’s Muchos enter the £1 PMP arena, whilst POM-BEAR launch a new 2 for £1 format –


KP Snacks continues to add to their ever-popular £1 PMP range with the addition of customer-favourite, Wheat Crunchies and the latest NPD, McCoy’s Muchos. POM-BEAR will also be available in a 2 for £1 format for the first time, continuing to give customers the brands they love, at prices they trust.


42% of shoppers buy crisps and snacks on impulse and PMPs are a huge driving force behind this with £1 PMP ranges growing ahead of the market at +15.3% versus non-PMP formats at -2.9%. The KP Snacks £1 PMP range is out-performing the category at a staggering +40.9% due to continual development of insights into providing the correct ranges and formats to retailers.


The Big Night In occasion accounts for the significant growth in total impulse sales over the last year with PMPs, which are now worth £155.4m RSV in the sharing segment, leading the way. KP Snack’s latest new product launch, the Mexican-inspired McCoy’s Muchos, taps into this growing trend for sharing with others, which now generates 1.7bn occasions per year. Launched in January 2019, backed by a £4m media investment, McCoy’s Muchos will continue to drive the phenomenal growth of the KP Snacks PMP range with the implementation of two £1 PMP SKUS – Nacho Cheese and Smoky Chilli Chicken.


McCoy’s Muchos will be joined on shelves in March by the new £1 Wheat Crunchies PMP. The snack with inescapable crunch, worth £9.9m (RSV) has been popular with consumers for over forty years and the classic Crispy Bacon flavour will leverage the growth of the sharing segment, giving consumers the product they love in the format they want.


Capitalising on the growing healthier snacking trend, POM-BEAR (RSV £30.7m, growing +3.4%), will be extending KP Snacks ‘2 for £1’ offer which has proved extremely popular with other family-favourite brand, Hula Hoops. Young family shoppers account for 25% of the on-the-go shopper base and the light and crispy melt-in-the-mouth crisp is a perfect gluten, and guilt-free snack, speaks directly to these consumers.


Matt Collins, Trading Director at KP Snacks comments, “PMPs encourage impulse purchases as they give consumers confidence in the value message. 82% of retailers tell us they want PMPs and so it makes sense to continually grow our PMP formats for convenience and impulse. It is important to continue adding to the range with our most popular brands to ensure we drive sales for retailers and maintain value for consumers.”


POM-BEAR 2 for £1 are available now in a case size of 32 x 19g. McCoy’s Muchos Nacho Cheese and Smoky Chilli Chicken (case sizes of 14 x 80g) and Wheat Crunchies Crispy Bacon (case size 14 x 78g) will both be available from 17th March.



Author: kimbarnard

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