Kellogg’s has overhauled the recipe and packaging of its Special K cereal bars as part of the company’s Better Starts plan to help people make healthier choices.

 SpK Cereal Bars - Dark Chocolate and Cranberries

In response to consumer feedback, Special K cereal bars are now bigger* with wholegrain oats, whole fruit pieces and are fortified with vitamins B3, B6 and Folic Acid. The snacks also contain cereal crispies and wholewheat flakes for a lighter texture**.


Since launching in November 2017, Kellogg’s Better Starts plan has seen the company introduce a range of Special K Protein bars, reduce sugar and salt in its children cereals, remove artificial colours, change the way it promotes its food and double the amount of vitamin D in its cereal.


Special K’s current cereal bars will be replaced by four new flavour variants; Juicy Red Berry, Milk Chocolate, Apricot & Sultanas, Dark Chocolate & Cranberries.


Each snack has a partially transparent wrapper to display the ingredients, such as wholegrain oats and fruit, to shoppers. The multipack boxes reassure health-conscious shoppers the bars have ‘absolutely no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners’.

 SpK Cereal Bars - Juicy Red Berry

This year, Kellogg’s will support Special K’s cereal bar range with a £10m media plan, reaching over 4.5m people with its ‘Powering You’ advertising campaign through TV, social media and YouTube.


Kellogg’s UKI marketing manager for wholesome snacks, Michelle Hammond, said: “When we announced our Better Starts plan back in November, we committed to finding new ways to help people make healthier choices.


“Special K is all about championing health, nutrition & better-for-you options. We’ve listened to feedback from our consumers and, instead of tweaking one or two ingredients, we’ve completely transformed the brand’s core snack range.


“Shoppers are more ingredient-savvy than ever so, by simplifying the packaging, perfecting the recipe and supporting the launch with a £10m media investment, we’re certain shoppers will be seeking out the new cereal bars on shelves.”


Special K cereal bars are available to ship now and RRP at £2.49 for multipacks and £0.55 for singles.


*Increased weight from 21.5g to 27g per bar.

** Compared to previous Special K cereal bars recipe.


Author: kimbarnard

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