• Specially-boosted £115m EuroMillions Jackpot will kick-start weekend action
  • £20m Lotto Rollover will sustain sales momentum for UK retailers
  • Retailers can expect ­– and help drive – an increase in sales
  • EuroMillions bonus event will provide cash reward to retailers

National Lottery retailers across the country are in store for a double serving of excitement this weekend as Camelot, operator of The National Lottery, confirms two huge Jackpots – one of which is a specially-boosted EuroMillions extravaganza – that are expected to supercharge retailer sales and add to the £30m-a-week that the National Lottery raises for Good Causes.

Friday’s (21 September) EuroMillions Jackpot is estimated at a staggering £115m, bringing it close to some of the biggest-ever prizes, while a Lotto Rollover has created an estimated £20m Jackpot for Saturday’s (22 September) draw. A combination of these factors will drive footfall in-store, providing a huge opportunity for retailers to increase sales, earn commission and increase their bottom lines.


Camelot is supporting Friday’s draw with a substantial push in TV advertising and branded posters for its 45,000 National Lottery retailer partners. The operator is expecting a 68% uplift in retail for the EuroMillions draw when compared to a normal base draw.


What’s more, retailers who have signed up to and registered as the owner of their store have an incredible opportunity to enter the EuroMillions bonus event. They simply need to upload to the website a photo of their Playstation featuring the EuroMillions Super Jackpot POS to be rewarded with £10. For more details please visit the website.


Duncan Malyon, Retail Director at Camelot, said:

“A boosted EuroMillions Jackpot is hugely appealing to players up and down the country, attracting existing, infrequent and new players – so, for that reason, we’re expecting vastly increased sales across retail. What’s more, the added bonus of a Lotto Rollover will help sustain that sales momentum into Saturday. It’ll be a weekend sales bonanza for our retailers.


“Retailers UK-wide will be jumping on this incredible sales-driving opportunity and benefiting from the increased frenzy around these mega Jackpots. And there are a few things that they can do to make sure they’re making the most of it.”


Top Tips

  1. If you’ve registered as a store owner, upload your EuroMillions POS photo by 21st September to receive your reward.
  2. Remind colleagues to upsell! Asking customers if they’ve remembered to buy their tickets for this weekend’s massive Jackpots can make a huge difference. 
  3. Make sure that the National Lottery Playstation is visible, fully stocked with play slips and is showing all the correct POS.
  4. Ensure that all your in-store marketing materials are up-to-date and looking great – that includes posters and ensuring that your terminal’s media screen is clearly on show to customers.
  5. And finally… get the buzz building! With the Jackpots continuing to roll, it means the excitement continues. Chat about the massive EuroMillions and Lotto draws with your customers as they make their purchases.



Please note: the jackpot has increased since the POS was printed (£110m to £115m). This is due to fluctuations in exchange rates. 

Author: kimbarnard

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