Gantry unit removed from Nottingham retailer convicted of illegal tobacco-related offences



A Nottingham retailer has had his tobacco gantry unit removed by Imperial Tobacco after being convicted for offences including the selling of non-duty paid tobacco.


Paul Taylor, whose premises ‘Flowers By Scrumpys’ on Burton Road, Gedling, was jailed for 28 months by magistrates. His conviction meant he was in breach of our conditions of supply, and Imperial therefore removed our gantry from his premises yesterday morning. The retailer will also forfeit all associated sales support from Imperial.


Independently, fellow tobacco manufacturer JTI has also withdrawn all sales support. 


James Hall, Imperial Tobacco Anti-Illicit Trade Manager, reflected: “By refusing to tolerate the illegal actions of retailers like Mr Taylor who peddle illicit tobacco, and enforcing this through removing our gantries from their premises, we continue to protect the interests of his hard-working, legitimate counterparts.


“If retailers have any suspicions regarding illicit tobacco where they live, we would ask them to please act by contacting either HMRC’s Customs Hotline on 0800 788 887, or their local Trading Standards or Police. Remember, if you Suspect it? Report it!



Author: kimbarnard

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