Forecourt Eye – Pursuing Petrol Thieves All The Way To Court For As Little As £15 A Month

The fact that police forces are stating publicly they will no longer be chasing fuel thieves, coincides with Forecourt Eye announcing an exclusive partnership with a UK leading debt recovery specialist. This service is available to all petrol forecourt retailers for as little as just £15 per month.

Michelle Henchoz, Forecourt Eye Sales & Marketing Director says “Over two thousand incidents have now been assigned to our partner and they are in the process of pursuing all non-paid fuel payments. We offer the customer 28 days and multiple opportunities to settle their debt before we escalate the incident to our debt recovery specialists. The offenders are then offered a final chance to pay. If the offender doesn’t cooperate, then a decision is made to either hand the incident to the bailiffs or pass it to the solicitors who will take the case to court. In all cases Forecourt Eye capture photographic CCTV evidence, which enhances the ability for a successful recovery.

Forecourt Eye manage all Drive Off and NMoP from the moment they are submitted on the tablet device provided as part of their service. Forecourt Eye take all the hassle away from the operator and proactively pursue offenders to recovery debt.

For more information please email or call us on 0113 887 4870

Author: kimbarnard

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