eXpresso PLUS Celebrates Five Years of Coffee-to-Go Innovation

Coffee-to-go innovators eXpresso PLUS celebrate their milestone fifth birthday this month with entry into new markets and more than 550 locations under their belt including the Eleganza – a unique top of the range solution for coffee lovers, that competes with Costa Express, designed and developed exclusively by eXpresso PLUS.

As the new kids on the block in 2014, eXpresso PLUS challenged the existing market, acquiring almost 200 sites. Today they are emerging as a leader in the drinks to go sector. Business has grown annually by 42% year on year over the past five years in a market which has experienced unprecedented change, as end users have become more knowledgeable and sophisticated beyond any expectation.


eXpresso PLUS has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of delivering on equipment to meet the needs of the ever changing sector. From consumer demand in quality and accessibility, to sustainability, traceability and the introduction and growth in reusable and portable cups. eXpresso PLUS is also meeting the changing tastes of consumers including those who desire to drink healthier options eg almond, oat and soya alternatives to milk for complimenting the commute coffee. They are also satisfying the taste-buds of those seeking trendy new drinks, including 10% of consumers who are now swapping their latte or cappuccino for a flat white.


Renowned for being the industry forerunner, eXpresso PLUS will launch new products and its next range of reusable cups this year, each one made from six used paper cups. After identifying a gap in the market in 2014 from extensive customer research, eXpresso PLUS designed and developed the Eleganza to allow Italian coffee leaders Lavazza to enter this out-of-home market. Now they are working on the next generation of this sophisticated and customisable machine. With over 90% of customers saying they would buy a coffee from the Eleganza in future, the next generation is expected to impress users even further.


Lauren Tyler, Marketing Manager, eXpresso PLUS, said: “As we celebrate our fifth birthday we are reflecting fondly on the progress of eXpresso PLUS in five short years and we are thankful to our customers, partners, suppliers and staff who have supported and continue to support us on our journey.


“We have grown up with a recent rebrand and we are looking ahead with excitement for what the next five years will bring, in terms of innovation, as our business continues to experience significant growth in the fast paced and constantly evolving coffee-to-go sector. Our commitment to the trade is unwavering with two new products due to launch later this year, so watch this space!”


McColl’s and Southern Co-op were eXpresso PLUS’ first customers and congratulating on their fifth birthday, Southern Co-op’s Andrew Farndell, Head of Trading and Format said: “We’ve been working with eXpresso PLUS since day one. We were initially drawn to them for their forward-thinking approach and portfolio of quality coffee brands. Over 50% of our estate now has an eXpresso PLUS coffee-to-go service and that’s a testament to them and their personable yet professional way of doing things.”


eXpresso PLUS is the fastest growing Coffee2Go company in the UK and Ireland, experiencing 390% growth in five years in a market worth £9.6bn*, providing a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ hot drinks machines and tailored design solutions to meet client needs.,

Author: kimbarnard

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