EUTPD II DEADLINE IS HERE – Key advice from blu for retailers now that the 20th May deadline has arrived –

The final part of the EUTPD II legislation officially came into effect on 20th May and retailers need to be aware of what this means for their stores and e-cigarette sales.

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Recent research, conducted by blu, has identified that for new vapers, the convenience channel is their first port of call, over the supermarkets, and the interaction that convenience and independent retailers have with their customers provides a huge opportunity to capitalise on the category.


Upskilling staff and educating them on the category and the different products available will encourage vapers to shop in your store. Our advice to retailers is to know your range, understand the basics of the devices you stock and who they are aimed at. Being able to provide help and guidance to consumers will boost your sales, set you apart from your retail competitors, and drive repeat purchase in your store.


Apart from ensuring the stock they sell is compliant, the new legislation brings retailers very few restrictions on how the category is sold in store. Retailers can put up as much PoS material as they like around the store and in shop windows. Consumers can sample in-store too and blu has developed in-store sampling stations that retailers can use to encourage trial of vaping products. Restrictions only come into play when communicating digitally, or within consumer leaflets that get sent out or door dropped.

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Retailers can also actively display their vaping ranges – they don’t need to be behind the tobacco shutters. In fact, they don’t even need to be behind the counter, which is good news as consumers want to be able to see what is stocked. In particular, e-liquid boxes are challenging to see from a distance, so counter top units are great to ensure consumers can easily see what is available in-store. A large back wall display of a retailer’s whole range is also a good way to show consumers that you are a stockist and a good place to shop for their vaping needs.


Author: kimbarnard

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