Copella, the UK’s favourite apple juice brand[1], is championing its quality, provenance and great taste, with a refreshed positioning to attract new consumers and unleash future growth. Copella will celebrate the hidden stories behind every bottle of its distinctive apple juice and raise awareness of the unique and special product consumers taste, embarking on a mission to reconnect the nation with the authentic taste of nature. The re-positioning from the PepsiCo-owned brand will arrive in stores early July, with a packaging revolution to create an iconic new look, and will be supported by a campaign to celebrate the ‘true taste of nature’.Range


The redesign of the Copella range aims to dial up the quality taste of the juice and showcase the craft and care that goes into making every bottle of Copella at Boxford Farm in Suffolk, which is where it all started 50 years ago. Today, Copella expertly press over 25 hand-picked seasonal apple varieties, every day at Boxford Farm. With only 36 hours from apple to bottle, Copella ensures the true taste of nature is captured at its best, leading to the distinctive flavour of their apple juice.


Danielle Mendham, Copella Brand Manager, comments. “We are really looking forward to introducing the transformed Copella to existing shoppers, as well as new fans, as we highlight the unique and delicious taste qualities of the juice. Copella is a trusted brand that people know and love, and thanks to the variety of seasonal apples we blend throughout the year, we offer shoppers a superior and varied flavour profile in every bottle. This justifies its position as a top five juice brand across single-serve and take-home formats[2]”.


The new look will be supported with a heavy-weight campaign driving awareness of Copella and celebrating the true taste of nature inside every bottle.  Advertising will include an opportunity to see the enchantment inside Boxford Farm, which will be opening its doors to raise further consumer awareness of how the delicious juice is created.


[1]Total Impulse Value Sales MAT TY WE 03.03.18, Nielsen Juice

[2]Based on £/Pk ROS Ranking


Author: kimbarnard

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