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Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has today announced a new addition to its ice cream sharing tub range, Maltesers® Ice Cream Tub.  Available from February 2018, Maltesers® Ice Cream Tub features a blend of malt ice cream, Maltesers® mini pips and chocolate.



A popular choice for consumers, Maltesers® are purchased by more than a third of UK households each year, making this iconic brand an exciting entrant to the Tubs category.  As the third largest confectionery brand, and number one bitesize brand in the UK1, in 2018, the Maltesers® brand will be supported by more than £5 million brand investment.


The UK ice cream market is a billion pound category with value up 3%  year on year2 representing a huge opportunity to capitalise on sales as the trend for sharing has become ever more prevalent and people look for treats to enjoy at home with friends and family. 


Following the success of Mars® and Snickers® Ice Cream Tubs, this new addition to the line-up will further capitalise on the popularity of the tubs format within the ice cream category, accounting for 44% of sales2.

 Mars PMP Tub

Phil Shaw, Head of Sales at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats says:   “Maltesers® Ice Cream is an exciting addition to our Tubs range – and already a popular choice in impulse with Maltesers® Teasers® single ice cream on a stick.  With this new product, we are aiming to attract even more brand loyalists to the ice cream category and build on the success of Mars® and Snickers® Ice Cream Tubs which, while still relatively new entrants to the market, are performing well.


“We know our brands are well-loved by consumers, and with sharing tubs continuing to dominate the category, our range is sure to keep customers coming back to the freezer!”


Maltesers® Ice Cream Tub will be available from February 2018. RRP £3.00. Mars® and Snickers® ice cream tubs are available now, from SHS 01452 378500. RRP £3.00.


1 Vypr August 2017



2 IRI 52wk value sales 16th September 2017 All Outlets



Snickers PMP Tub


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