Christmas is coming…. And so are part-baked bread sales!

Carrs Foods is urging retailers to stock up on part-baked bread products and place them prominently in store, as the sector heads for its massive, annual sales peak.

Sales of Carrs Foods’ two part-baked ranges, within the Baker Street and Paul Hollywood brands, grew by a staggering 170% in the 2017 Festive period.¹ The company is expecting an even bigger sales spike in December this year.

Within the Baker Street brand, part-baked encompasses Petit Pain (RSP: £1.09) and Baguettes (RSP: £1.09), while there are three part-baked products within the Paul Hollywood range. These include Crusty Rolls, Multi-Seed Rolls and Seeded Rolls, all with an RSP of £1.70.

Jeremy Gilboy, managing director of Carrs Foods comments: “It is well known that consumers panic buy bread in times of uncertainty, as witnessed in the snowstorms earlier this year. This part-baked sales peak is indicative of the fact that consumers like to keep bread in the house and like to have surplus supplies in case any additional or unexpected guests come to visit. Given that part-baked bread lasts longer and has the great taste of coming straight from the oven, they are the number one must-stock convenience products for the season.

“The pre-Christmas sales growth is caused by a number of factors. As well as consumers wanting to be prepared for unexpected guests dropping in, they are also trading up from their normal bread purchases and minimising food waste as the part-baked products have longer shelf lives.”

¹ Carrs sales data.

Author: kimbarnard

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