Sales of chilled convenience products are really motoring at a large Nisa forecourt (Texaco) at Willenhall in the West Midlands thanks to a partnership with Rustlers, the UK’s No. 1 micro-snacking brand.*1


Demand for chilled food-to-go lines including microwavable snacks, sandwiches, pies and pastries, meat snacks and cakes increased by an average of 54% in just 9 weeks*2 after manager Simon Krzysiak worked with Rustlers on its new chilled food to go merchandising initiative


The changes included merchandising products that compete for the same occasion together, i.e. Rustlers micro-snacks adjacent to sandwiches to cater for the key lunchtime market; moving meat and cheese snacks from two shelves onto one to cater for the snacking occasion; clearly positioning soft drinks as part of the food to go offer and introducing eye-catching Rustlers shelf strips and wobblers to attract impulse shoppers to the bay.


“We’ve got a really big forecourt with lots of passing trade and space for large lorries and vans to park, and we attract lots of people going to and from work, so food to go is big business for us,” says Simon, who’s managed the open-all-hours store for the last 3 years.

“Chilled food sales are really important to us and most of our customers buy on convenience. There aren’t many places nearby where you can buy breakfast, so we’re able to capture the breakfast market and lunch is also a big sales opportunity.

“Working with Rustlers opened our eyes as to how important it is to get the layout and presentation of chilled convenience products right within the food to go fixture. We were hoping for a sales increase, but a rise of over 50% was much higher than we expected. Customers don’t really say much about the shop, but they have commented on the new layout of the chilled fixture.”


A Rustlers microwave is also giving people the chance to opt for products that can be heated in-store, boosting demand for chilled convenience lines at key times such as breakfast and lunch.

Rustlers provides a range of easy-to-follow food to go and chilled ready meals planograms for different store types and formats, enabling forecourt and convenience retailers to boost chilled convenience sales. The planograms and details on Rustlers’ range can be found at

*1 Nielsen Answers Micro Snacking Module, Total Market, 52 w/e May 19th 2018

*2 *1 Sales monitored 9 weeks pre vs 9 weeks after new planogram implementation


Author: kimbarnard

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