Incredibly simple to use, BPme is for those who need to save a few precious minutes each day at the pump or who are reluctant to leave children (or whatever their precious cargo) in the car whilst they go in-store to pay.BP logo

Customers can also connect their Nectar account, view transaction history, locate their closest BP service station and offset their carbon emissions caused from driving through BP’s Target Neutral programme for less than the price of a coffee, all from within the app.

Nicola Grady Smith, Head of Retail UK, said: “BPme is making refuelling easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before. We are pleased to be able to give our customers a little bit of time back in what is their already busy day.”

BPme allows customers to pay for fuel using their smartphone from the comfort of their car, in three simple steps:

1. Phone

o Open the app and enter personal pin or use Touch ID (if supported by the device).

o The app will confirm which station the customer is at.

o Select the corresponding pump number and confirm payment method.

2. Fuel

o When the ‘Start Fuelling’ message appears, leave the phone securely in the vehicle and fill up as normal.

3. Go

o Once the customer has finished fuelling and are back in their vehicle they will receive confirmation that the transaction is completed. An e-mail receipt will automatically be sent for customer records.


BPme is now available at more than 500 participating BP sites nationwide, with more sites being added weekly.

Nicola Grady Smith, continued: “As part of BP’s digital transformation, BPme is the first step in changing the ways we interact with our customers. It will allow us to engage with drivers in a more direct and personal way and enable us to enhance our communications with the individual customer.”

BP is committed to its customers and will continue to enhance and expand the app’s features.

BPme is free to download, easy to use and is available for the latest versions of iOS and Android. For more information, visit www.bp.com/bpmeuk

Author: kimbarnard

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