Pernod Ricard UK urges retailers to stock up on premium spirits to maximise sales this Christmas

 Premium spirits generate 100% of spirits growth within the impulse channel, equating to £6.5m in the last year[1]. To help convenience retailers make the most of this and drive crucial sales at Christmas, Pernod Ricard UK is launching two campaigns focussed on helping retailers increase sales of Scotch whisky and popular cocktail and mixer ingredients: ‘Expertly Selected Whiskies’ and ‘Mix with The Good Stuff’.

 Pernod Ricard UK Christmas 2017

The Campaigns

 Christmas is the perfect time of year to drive purchases of Scotch whisky, with sales increasing 68% in the eight weeks ahead of the big day; as shoppers look to trade up and select the perfect gift. The ‘Expertly Selected’ range, identified by Pernod Ricard UK, includes five of the supplier’s top-performing premium Scotch whiskies: The Glenlivet Founders Reserve, Chivas Regal 12 YO, Scapa Skiren, Aberlour 12 YO and Ballantine’s Finest.

 At the same time, demand for cocktails at home has increased 23%, with 22 million cocktails searches made in the last year[2]. Pernod Ricard UK has therefore selected three simple cocktails, which are easy for shoppers to re-create at home using ingredients readily available in store. These are: The Espresso Martini, Jameson, Ginger & Lime and The Plymouth Pink G&T.

 The campaigns have two important Christmas occasions in mind: gifting and entertaining at home. Retailers should begin ranging these products from early November to ensure maximum visibility throughout the season, ensuring they are front of the mind and store of choice when it comes to important purchases in the following weeks.


James Middleton, Channel Director for Impulse at Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “Our message is simple: ignore premium this Christmas and you will miss out. We are seeing success within the on-trade, where premium accounts for 50% of all spirits sold, which tells us consumers are willing to spend more on premium spirits. In comparison, 18% of all spirits sold within the convenience channel are premium, so for retailers, it’s about upping volumes to make the most of the obvious opportunity. We’ve created two incredibly simple campaigns to help retailers capitalise on this demand, the aim being to encourage shoppers to trade up and select the brands they are enjoying in bars at home.


James continues, “Malt Whisky experienced a strong uplift of 90% last year, however, only 51% of shoppers have a brand in mind when they enter a store. So, we’ve created ‘Expertly Selected Whiskies’ to help them navigate between brands and pick the right whisky for the right occasion or recipient. The campaign calls out helpful flavour cues, ratings and reviews. This simplicity is matched in our ‘Mix with The Good Stuff’ campaign, which can be created using spirits most retailers already stock. Encouraging shoppers to buy a serve as opposed to a spirit will increase the number of items per basket in a simple and effective way, by inspiring them to purchase drinks to impress their family and friends.”


The Opportunity


Both activations will be supported by PoS available to retailers from November. Stocking the full ‘Expertly Selected Whiskies’ range has the potential to add over £1,000 to each store’s annual sales and a full planogram is available to assist retailers merchandise SKUs correctly. The ‘Mix with The Good Stuff’ campaign highlights to retailers that by increasing sales of Premium Spirits by 50% throughout November and December (116 bottles or 14 per week) retailers can take up to an additional £2,500.


Top Tips for Success

  • Visibility: merchandise cocktail ingredients together, place premium spirits at eye-level and take advantage of our POS
  1. Espresso Martini – Absolut, Kahlua and coffee.
  2. Jameson, Ginger Ale and fresh lime.
  3. The Plymouth G&T – Plymouth Gin, Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic and fresh lemon.
  • Availability: to take an additional +£3,500 per store, adjust stock orders accordingly to allow for additional sales of up to 116 bottles throughout November and December
  • Stocking the right range: ensure premium SKUs come to the forefront of displays as premium performs best at Christmas with value share rising from 18% to 25% of all spirit salesPoS for both campaign is available upon request, retailers can prepare for Christmas by ordering kits today by calling 07979 396 468.


[1]Source: All sources: AC Nielsen Scantrack Total Coverage, Total Impulse 17.07.

[2]CGA Mixed Drinks Report Q1 2017

Author: kimbarnard

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