JTI Support Guides Retailers Through Change Insights Show Retailers Using Tools Are Better Prepared

 With five months to go until TPD2 legislation comes into force for retailers, new and unique JTI Advance training module insights show a marked change in preparedness. 

 JTI launches Your Guide Through Change 1

Comparable questions over a six month period show that retailer understanding has vastly improved, with over 90% of test results showing that retailers are aware of when the new legislation is coming in, an uplift of 33%. A similar increase in understanding is seen when asked about which cigarette pack sizes will be banned from May 2017.


As part of its Your Guide Through Change initiative JTI is supporting retailers through TPD2 legislation, and is this month launching its latest training module, which can be found at www.JTIAdvance.co.uk as well as detailed information about its portfolio of leading tobacco products and advice on how to profit from the category.


Jeremy Blackburn, Head of Communications at JTI, comments, “These latest results are really encouraging and show that retailers that are using the tools made available to help them are better prepared for change.


“The concern is that there are some shop keepers and assistants out there that are not yet taking full advantage of these resources. Whilst there is still time I would strongly advise retailers to log on to JTI Advance and test their knowledge. JTI is here to provide support ahead of the changes and there is no easier way to get prepared than by downloading the app.”


Designed with retailer needs at the forefront of its functionality, the app, which can be downloaded from the relevant app store by searching ‘JTI Advance’, features an innovative barcode scanner and fingerprint sign-in, a shopping list and margin calculator.


For more information on the JTI Advance app and how to access the website retailers should speak to their local JTI representative or call the JTI Customer Careline on 0800 163 503.

Author: kimbarnard

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