go ahead! invests in NEW heavyweight campaign

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 It  is set to be a big year for go ahead! as the brand announces  it will be launching a new heavyweight advertising campaign. The campaign, which spans across multiple touch points including TV, VOD, experiential sampling, OOH, digital and social, support the launch of their hero NPD, Goodness Bar, which is set to step-change the brand’s snack offering and is made from 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar.

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go ahead! Goodness Bars will be the brand’s biggest NPD launch for 2017. Tapping into the trend for raw fruit, nut and oat bars, go ahead! Goodness Bars are made with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar. Available in Cocoa & Orange and Cocoa & Hazelnut, they are also gluten-free and high in fibre with an RISP of £2.29 for a four pack.


For those who prefer a more indulgent snack, go ahead! will also be launching new Crunchy Dippers – mini breadsticks which are high in fibre and come with a delicious dip in portions of less than 150kcal, for a snack you can feel good about. Available in two flavours, Salted Caramel and Creamy Coconut, the product will have a RISP of £1.99.


5000168202150 35291 Go ahead Goodness Bar Carton Cocoa & Hazelnut (Redes...The core range of well-loved favourites will also be updated in line with pladis’ Health and Wellbeing goals.  go ahead! Crispy Slices and Yogurt Breaks will now be available in a new and improved recipe, both with reduced sugar and more fibre. go ahead! Fruity Bakes have been renamed to Fruit and Oat Bakes reflecting the new and improved recipe including more oats a source of fibre and is reduced in sugar, with the addition of a new banana variant.


Rolling out from June across grocery and convenience outlets, the entire range has had a packaging refresh in fresh and natural green to improve product stand out on shelf and to unite the brand under one colour.


Kerry Owens, Marketing Director Sweet Biscuits, commented:“2017 is a really important year for go ahead! and we’re extremely excited to introduce a range of new products and launch the brand’s biggest ever campaign. We recognise that what ‘healthy’ means has changed considerably to the consumer over the years which is why we’re committed to modernising the range and providing our customers with snacks which suit their needs and, most importantly, taste great!”


“We’re confident this go ahead! brand re-fresh with our new and improved core range and packaging will be a hit with consumers.”

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